and her favorite color is pink


My friend, Bobbi, is an angel. She’s the one who dropped everything and rushed over to take me to the hospital the day I broke my foot (and took me back for my checkup, and brought Dan and I a lovely dinner). She loves the color pink. So, for her birthday yesterday, I made her this triple-framed coaster card and coordinated altered box (filled with goodies of course). The box is an emtpy vitamin (Viactiv) container. It was relatively easy to alter, and I filled it up with chocolate, of course! I hope she likes it!bobbi-birthday-box-web-use-this-one.jpg

Today was the day that Bobbi came over to stamp. We got a little sidetracked with a brunch of belgian waffles (with strawberries, blueberries, powdered sugar, and fresh whipped cream) and other goodies. Despite the sugar rush, we took our time and made a wallet card and a diorama card (photos to come later tonight or tomorrow), then broke for a late lunch and an enormous birthday sundae (chocolate brownie ice cream with bananas, sliced strawberries, chocolate sauce and more of that fresh whipped cream…mmmmm – I’m still full!). We wrapped up the day by making some more cards. It was so nice to spend some alone time with my dear friend!



  1. Bobbi Said:

    I am so honored to have you as my friend. You are the most giving person that I have ever met in my life. I had so much fun today just hanging; talking, eating and of course stamping. I think I gained at least 10 pounds today with all of that food! Thank you for my incredible gift; pink and black can never go wrong! My card is here sitting on top of my computer for me to see everyday and remind me of how LUCKY i am to have you in my life!! Love ya!

  2. DeborahSue Said:

    WOWIE! What a gorgeous collection of gifts! Love the color combos and the variety!
    YUMMY on the sundae cake! I’d like some too!

  3. Kim K Said:

    Awesome Art!
    MY viactiv is almost empty too! Case comeing on ;] Love everything, how nice you and Bobbi got to hang out, snack (sounds yummy) and play all day. I’m happy you had such a nice birthday day treat! K

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