a little crabby


I was a little crabby the other day and I wanted to apologize for snapping at Dan (bwahaaa! get it? snapping?! sometimes I crack myself up!), so I made this little Love Note. Anyhoo, this crabby note isn’t my best coloring effort (watercolor pencils and blender pens – in a rush since he was kind of hovering nearby when I made it). But, c’mon, you’ve got to admit that this little guy is just too doggone cute. How can you not love him?! And those little shrimps on the envie are an absolute riot…although I think the clam is my new favorite! Words on the front are hand-written, but would have been a great sentiment for the set. Inside, I stamped “shore do love you,” which did come with the set. I think this silly little set is my hands-down absolute favorite set from the spring mini.

dan-mailbox-web.jpgOh, I wanted to share this cute little “system” that I use when I want to give Dan some small thing or just let him know I care: I made him one of those little Target mailboxes for Valentine’s Day and I can tuck in notes and goodies and raise the arm on the mailbox to let him know that he’s got mail. Isn’t that a cute way to make those darling tin mailboxes practical? I thought so anyway… Here’s the little mailbox I made for Dan. Target doesn’t carry them any longer, but you can buy them for about $3 each at Oriental Trading Company.

Have a great stamperific day!



  1. DeborahSue Said:

    WOWIE! Your hubby is one blessed man with you as his wife!

  2. Anita Said:

    …hi there. I was just wondering….how big (or small) was the card itself? Thanks! 🙂

  3. shannon Said:

    I can’t remember what size the Stampin’ Up! love notes were…maybe 2-1/2 x 2-1/2…pretty small. No more than 3×3 would be my guess. If I can find it, I’ll measure it.

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