Chocolat Cravings


Well, if I can’t stuff myself full of chocolate every minute of every day, these Au Chocolat papers are the next best thing! Last night, I went downstairs to clean up the mess in my stamp area and decided that rather than putting away the paper scraps from my last couple of Au Chocolat projects, I’d just try to make a few simple cards. The card on the left was inspired by Kristina Werner. The card on the right practically made itself. The layers of cardstock were leftover scraps and I noticed that they were the perfect sizes to layer, so no cutting needed (except for length)! I love it when that happens. Envelope Pocket Card

Then I remembered that I had forgotten <blush> to make a card for my little brother’s birthday on Tuesday, so I whipped up this fun envelope pocket card with another large scrap piece.

Envelope Pocket Card (inside)

I really wanted to maximize the double-sided nature of the paper (it just kills me to hide one side of such gorgeous papers). So, I let the paper’s design be the focal point, inside and out. I did struggle with embellishments for the front of the card. The stripes are so bold that they really do stand on their own. Hint: when working with bold images such as the stripes shown here, minimize embellishments to avoid the “cluttered” look. I also made a point of centering the stripes when cutting. In hindsight, I might consider stamping the sentiment on paper that more resembles a sticky note to keep to the “office” theme. But I’m pretty happy with the results as-is. My little brother is an artist, not a cube dude, and I think he’ll appreciate the design.

trifold-card-web-small.jpgopen-tri-fold-card-web-small.jpgweathered-choc-stripe-web-small.jpgHere are a couple of other cards I made with the rest of the scraps. The two images on the left show the outside and inside of the same vintage card, respectively. Oh, and I never did clean up my stamp room!


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  1. DeborahSue Said:

    OFF THE CHARTS…creative, practical, lovely and useful. Is there any craft you can’t do???!

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