Perfect for the office

Notations NotebookWhile trying to come up with some interesting projects using the new Notations designer paper, I just couldn’t help but come back to the office theme. No matter how creative and original I tried to be, this paper just screams “office!”

Since I had several blank composition books laying around, I decided to take the easy road. I did, however, distress the notebook and I really like the end result. It’s simple, but a little funky too.

These altered composition books are sooo easy to make. To create one on your own, click on the image for full ingredients and directions.

I make these a little differently than most people because, well, because I’m anal and I like my rounded corners to be perfect (with no obvious folds). 😉

So even with a couple of extra steps, these are still a cinch to make. Try one yourself!



  1. Alicia Said:

    Hi! I love your work! I was wondering how you made the wipe off board, wipe off?
    Be back to see what else you have created soon!

  2. Sandy Said:

    I love how it turned out. Fabulous!


  3. shannon Said:

    Alicia, I used a laminate/magnet cartridge. See more here

  4. DeborahSue Said:

    LOVE the color combo and the layout–you know how to add just enough but not too much!

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