You won’t change a thing

write-on-fridge-magnet-notations-black-background-web.jpgStampin’ Up!’s new Notations paper is incredibly versatile — and so pretty, you won’t want to cover it up or add to it at all! But this paper can seem intimidating since some of the designs are not repeat patterns. Instead, Stampin’ Up! has basically designed beautiful 12×12 layouts. So you could just add photos. In theory, at least.

When I examined these papers more closely, I noticed that some pages have fabulous smaller designs all squished together to make up the “layout.” This “daily notes” design was just screaming to live on my fridge as a write-on wipe-off board. (The colors were perfect! See small photo below for a better example of color. Sorry that the colors in the larger photo are washed out…)

But cutting such beautiful designs — on two-sided paper, no less — takes some willpower (at least for me). So, I took a deep breath…and cut. Notations Write-on Fridge MagnetIt was actually pretty liberating and I ended up with several other pieces to play with (so my “clean up” time will be fun too!).

The rest of the project is history. I didn’t do one single thing to alter the paper: no stamping, no distressing, no nothin’! I ran the paper through my Xyron with a laminate/magnet cartridge, trimmed the edges, rounded the corners and slapped that baby on the fridge. Who can beat that for simple?!



  1. Kim K Said:

    Love love love this. I looked yesterday and was oohing and ahhing over the simplicity of it.. heck I can do it :}

  2. shannon Said:

    Folks, I used a Xyron 900 with a laminate/magnet cartridge to turn this single piece of paper into a write-on wipe-off board. The cartridge will cover the front with a thin laminate and the back side of the paper will have a thin magnet layer.

    Most craft supply stores sell these larger Xyron machines. (There’s actually one that’s even bigger – the 1200, I believe will accept 12×12 pages?)

    I personally think the Xyron is the best option for most 3D altering projects (lunch tins, notebooks, etc.). You can see the Xyron 900 here:

    But I recommend that you shop around. You might find a much better deal. I’ve been able to get them — with coupons — at and for $45 including shipping.

    Hope this helps!

  3. DeborahSue Said:

    BRILLIANT! This I have to do!!!

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