In a pinch

Well, you may have noticed that I haven’t been posting much lately. That’s mainly because I haven’t been stamping much lately. Life has been absolutely nuts here! My husband and I are in the midst of the adoption paper chase and trying to raise/save money on that front.** I’m still recovering from my broken foot (although it’s much better and I’m walking with two shoes and both feet and no crutches! I just have to be very careful). To top it all off, we’re putting our house on the market — again — and needed to do some major (and I mean major) staging and spring cleaning before tomorrow’s photo shoot. Snoopy Baby Shower Invite

Needless to say, I haven’t had one spare second to stamp. I’m only posting this because it’s 1am, I’m exhausted from cleaning house for the past 6 hours, and the nearest place I could collapse was my computer chair. Not one to ever completely “rest,” I thought I’d post something while taking a break. 😀

I did make time a couple of days ago to finally design baby shower invitations for a friend. She suggested that I buy invitations since I was so busy <gasp!>, but I figured that I could come up with something cute in a pinch that wasn’t too time-intensive. And here it is!

One of the reasons I call myself a paper crafter is because I often come up with projects that require very little effort. The only stamp I used was “You’re Invited” from Tiny Talk. The rest was patterned paper, some punches and scallop scissors, and a great “Dings” font. (My friend’s nursery theme is the Lambs & Ivy Peek-a-Boo Snoopy, so I thought I’d stick with the basic theme for the shower too.) I hope she likes these super simple trifold cards.

So, speaking of baby showers, does anyone have fun game suggestions? I promised her I wouldn’t do anything too dorky and I haven’t ever planned a shower before. But she did give me the go-ahead to plan a couple of games. Also, would it be too weird to have a craft project? I was thinking of bringing stamps and craft pads and letting everyone design/decorate onesies. (I did this for one of my downline at our meeting and it was pretty quick.) But, I’m not sure everyone there is the “crafty” type. Thoughts anyone?

** One of the ways that we’re trying to raise money to help fund our adoption is by selling off some of my stamp and craft supplies. Please check out my Sale page (and tell your friends). As items from the first “batch” sell, I’ll add new goodies, so check back often!



  1. Jackie W. Said:

    We played a game last week at a shower that wasn’t too dorky – it was baby bingo. Maybe you’ve played it before but I hadn’t. Each guest is provided a sheet of paper with bingo squares and a pencil. Each person fills in the squares with items they think the momma-to-be will get as a gift that day. Then as she opens each gift everyone crosses off the item if it’s on their list. Of course prizes for people getting a bingo, or you could have a prize for the first person who gets it all filled up. Having each person fill out their own squares allows for everyone’s to be different and you didn’t have to generate the “bingo cards” yourself – the prep is too easy! Whatever you do, I hope you have a great time!

  2. Allison Said:

    This card is simple, clean and cute. As to shower games…nope, the only ones I know are stupid!

  3. DeborahSue Said:

    The snoopy card is so cute and you’ve carried the theme over with the cake–brilliant!
    Shower games–don’t know any clever ones, but I recommend that you consider playing some background music to fill in the ‘lulls’ during the shower. Folks tend to think of showers like being in church–really quiet!

  4. Melissa Said:

    Hi Shannon! I am also doing a snoopy shower for a friend. I came across your invitation and LOVE it!! Could you give me more details on how you made it?? Thanks so much! I look forward to hearing from you!!!


  5. shannon Said:

    Melissa, to make a horizontal tri-fold card, figure your finished measurements first. This one was most likely a standard “note card” size, which is 4-1/4 x 5-1/2. Cut a blue strip of cardstock to 4-1/4 x 12 then score 3-3/4 from the left side and 2-3/4 in from the right side of the long strip. Fold sides in and they should overlap. Use scalloped scissors to barely cut the edge on the left flap (front). Punch a slot a short ways from the edge. Stamp as desired. Cut a strip of green cardstock to 4-1/4 x 2-1/2, then cut a piece of patterned paper to 4-1/4 x 2-1/4. Glue green cardstock to front of card, then glue patterned cardstock to center of green cardstock. Thread ribbon through slot in front and wrap around entire card and tie in a loose knot. Glue your embellishment to the front of the patterned paper, making sure to secure the ribbon underneath. (I used a Snoopy printed from a “ding” font on my computer, then punched out in the shape of a circle.) I hope that’s what you were asking. Measurements are approximate. You may want to play with a sample and adjust as appropriate.

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