chipboard clipboards

A dear online friend trying to help me raise funds for our adoption sent me a check with instructions to make her “5 things.” Any five things, no instructions, no guidelines. I had big plans at first, but I had to rethink that approach when I realized just how overwhelmed I have been: juggling the enormous task of prepping the house (which still isn’t totally complete), finalizing the initial stages of the adoption paper chase, working my day job (which I had nearly abandoned entirely), and trying to negotiate the day-to-day stuff, including somewhat regular house showings.

I tried to keep these projects fairly simple, both because I think this modern/retro style is, as she puts it, “out of her dot box” and because I felt inspired to work with bright, bold colors. For most projects, I used this fun Dots & Dashes paper. I’ll present one project a day for the next five days. (Hey, I need some fodder to keep folks entertained!)

Chipboard Clipboard Photo Fridge Magnets

Here’s the first: chipboard clipboards that work perfectly as photo fridge magnets (inspired by cover images of the Summer 07 Winter mini catalog). I used medium weight 4″ square coasters, covered the front in patterned paper, and sanded the edges for a gently distressed look. Then I tied on a decorative ribbon (no glue, so that the knots could be easily moved around) and added a magnetic clip (removable…it’s just clamped on). The photo shows minimal embellishments, but I did add a circle and button to the “boy” version and tabs on the opposite sides from the bows. Sorry I didn’t have time to update the photo before these were shipped off — but she neede some surprise, don’t you think?

Update: My Sale! page was last updated today. Please visit and see if there’s anything you want. A special thanks to those who have made purchases so far!



  1. DeborahSue Said:

    These are SO NEAT! LOVE ’em! Great job Shannon!
    I told you–you could have a store–oh, and you’ve got one going…a virtual store!

  2. Sonia Said:

    HI Shannon:
    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL, Great Job!!!

  3. I really like these for a simple project I have to make with a group of women from my Women’s Bible class. Where do you get the chipboard coasters and the magnetic clips? Are the magnetic clips flat in the back? Thank you. They are beautiful! Carolyn

    • shannon Said:

      Chipboard coasters are available everywhere at craft supply stores (blank)…or your nice local restaurant or bar (need to cover design…I think I used Chilis coasters…) You could also cut down the chipboard sheets in the back of paper packs or notepads. I think I found the magnetic clips (yes, they are flat on the back) at Big Lots or the Dollar Tree. Office supply stores may have them too.

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