Redux: Snoopy in the round

snoopy-wreath-take-2-web.jpgI made this wreath to go with the Snoopy diaper cake for my preggers friend. It was super easy!

I used a flat wood 12″ wreath ring (instead of the oft-suggested styrofoam) and 13 size 1 diapers. Simply wrap each diaper over the edge of the ring and secure with rubber band. (I then tied alternating celery grosgrain and light blue gingham ribbons to cover the rubber bands. To create the criss-cross base (I used green satin ribbon), simply wind a soft ribbon continously between each diaper (once), then repeat in the opposite direction. Decorate as desired and voila!

I kept it simple with one little Snoopy beanbag and some ribbon (I may still tweak the ribbon to balance it out), but you may like to decorate with lots of baby goodies, such as pacifiers, rattles, booties, etc. If you want to make a “floral” wreath, consider embellishing with baby sock roses!)



  1. DeborahSue Said:

    Gosh, some folks just seem to get ALL THE TALENT!

  2. Michelle Said:

    Too cute! I’m totally gonna do it for my sister! Mom is doing the diaper cake, so she’s gonna just have to deal with the wreath, too!

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