Going out in style

It’s that time of year when Stampin’ Up! overhauls it’s offerings…the long-awaited Retirement List is out. The retirement list details, page by page in the Idea Book and Catalog, which stamp sets and wheels will no longer be available after June 30, 2007. It’s a “last call” to buy those coveted stamps before they’re gone forever. (Retiring accessories aren’t announced until June 20th.)

You might notice that the list of retired stamps is extra long. Why so? Well, Stampin’ Up! is changing its catalog system. Beginning July 1, Stampin’ Up! will come out with two catalogs, one released in July and another released in January. This is exciting news as the catalogs will be more seasonally appropriate and, thus, less overwhelming. The timing of mini catalogs will change as well (more on that another time).

There are definintely some super yummy sets retiring, and many of us demonstrators were quite surprised. I’m also faced with a dilemma. I have 56 items on that retirement list and there are also still a handful of retiring sets on my personal wishlist. I’ve listed a preview on my Sale! page of the sets I think I might sell, but I’m not sure which sets to keep. I love them all!

{Blog Candy Alert}

So, what’s your favorite must-have retiring stamp set? Post a comment with your reply and I’ll randomly choose a winner on Sunday to receive a surprise goody in the mail. Tell your friends too. I really want some input on which sets to keep and which to trade (or eventually sell)!



  1. Cheryl Kelly-Van Domelen Said:

    Hello!! I can’t believe that Bold Butterfly is leaving! I love it, but I never got it. Thanks!

  2. Monika Thiessen Said:

    wow that is exciting news about the catalougs. Great idea though. Anyways, my favourite set is Basket full of fun, i know it is a hostess set but I really wish we could buy that set! Plus I love the saying Brighter Tomorrow, will have to buy it yet.

  3. Angel W. Said:

    Well, I have to get the DD Pines set that I have put off getting for such a long time. But there are several sets I already have that I would tell others are must haves including the All Year Cheers and Petal Prints.

  4. Shannon Said:

    What a bummer Bold Butterfly is leaving us. My eye had been on that one for a while, but never got around to getting it. I have seen many beautiful cards made with that set.

  5. Pat S. Said:

    My very very favorite set that I don’t have yet is Petal Prints. I see it all over Splitcoast, and I keep saying I will buy it some day…better make that NOW!

  6. Allison Said:

    I can’t believe French Script is leaving us…I just got it and my stamping friends all want to borrow it!

  7. Wendy Said:

    I am torn between two favorites that I’m going to have to think seriously about before the deadline! Gifts of Joy (I collect Santa’s and he would be such a cute addition…) and Natural Beauty, such a pretty set. Best of luck with your wish list Shannon!

  8. Well I am thinking Roses in Winter is a must have for me,cause I have been eyeing it up for a while and think I might go for it now cause it is being retired, but then I like French Script, Hip Hip Hooray, By Air, Petal Prints is another must as well, so quite a few I feel I might have to buckle and buy!!! he he

  9. jodene Said:

    This is easy for me. The first stamp I checked out to see if it was retiring was Peace be unto you. So I garantee I will purchase this one.

  10. Rainy Senseney Said:

    A whole lot are retiring.

    I am really lover Roses in Winter, but wild rose is great too, so that’s okay.

    But petal prints! I mean there is nothing like that. It is so versatile. I love every card I’ve seen with it.

    Also Balmy Breezes, because I live in Florida, for two more months and you can use it for masculine projets.

    So, I guess my FAVORITE is petal prints, followed closely by Balmy breezes

  11. Dawnmercedes Said:

    There were several on the list that I have always had my eye on…
    Fall Whimsy
    All Natural
    Treat Yourself…but only for the gumball machine

    But, I don’t think that I HAVE to HAVE any of them. We’ll see. Last year, on the very last ordering day, I ordered Houndstooth…and do not regret it!

  12. Yosha Said:

    It’s Roses in Winter for me too! I mostly want it to make the paper tole, so i have to figure out if it worth it just to attempt that technique!!!


  13. Tami Grandi Said:

    I would say for me a must purchase (maybe) will be Petal Prints. I really like it but one of my best friends is my demo and she has it so I can always borrow it.

  14. kathy Said:

    I would hafta say it is hip hip hooray for me. but its not hip hip hooray anymore with it retiring

  15. Marjori Said:

    My faves from the retiring list would be Natural Beauty…such a versatile set. Petal Prints & Roses in Winter are so near & dear to my heart, I just can’t bear the thought of losing them….not really, but I WILL miss them! ;o)
    I don’t have the luxury to stamp for myself, so I don’t hang on to my retiring sets. They just collect dust. I am losing 49 sets (out of 71), 7 wheels (out of 18) – and the hostess sets we already knew weren’t going to make it, so I won’t even count those…although I will miss Warmest Regards!!!!

    Ciao baby!

  16. Mary Campbell Said:

    There are a lot that I want. Peace and Love, I think is my biggest want.

  17. bettyannmanghi Said:

    I think mine is the Mix and Mingle set. Boohoo!

  18. Kristine Said:

    I’ve been putting off purchasing All Wrapped Up, guess I better get it quick!

  19. doverdi Said:

    I am totally shocked that French Script is being retired. It seems to be one of the most popular background stamps. I don’t have it yet and it has been on my list forever so I definately WILL buy it. I also think I might get Roses in Winter as I love the paper tole cards.

  20. Pegg Said:

    Petal Prints has been on my wish list forever. I’ve seen so many gorgeous cards and it seems to be everybody’s favorite!! I need to buy this right ?? πŸ™‚

  21. Lilian Said:

    i definitely agree about french script retiring!! i think it’s one of those forever kinda backgrounds… πŸ™‚

  22. Dawn Said:

    I was quite surprised to find that so many sets that are new to this catty are retiring. I just got Because of You last month and haven’t demo’d it and probably never will. I will really miss French Script and Petal Prints.

  23. Paula Said:

    My must have set on the retiring list is Roses in Winter. I’ve seen so many beautiful cards and projects using this set but just haven’t gotten around to buying it. Now I will!

  24. Linda Shaw Said:

    Said to see Petal Prints go, but I’ll definitely be purchasing it now.

  25. Jan Scholl Said:

    My must have will probably be the one I forget to order. Bust Best of Cluck is cute!

  26. Sandy Said:

    I really want to get Simple Sketches. Everytime I own this set I show it and up giving it away or trading it. New stampers love the 3 steps for some reason.

    So, mine’s gone — have to grab one and NOT give it away.


  27. Suzy Said:

    My pick is artifacts because it can be used to age and give a vintage look to other stamps, and can be used for masculine cards.

  28. Barb T Said:

    I am so surprised about Roses in Winter and French
    Script leaving the catty. I have both of these
    sets, but the one I want is Gossamer Wings which
    I will get before its gone.

  29. Peggy Maier Said:

    I never purchased Roses in Winter – I’ve borrowed it from a friend – so I’ll definitely be getting it!

  30. lorraine Said:

    My favorite stamp set retiring that i would like to get is “And Everything Nice”–reminds me of my sister and I.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

  31. Lynn Brown Said:

    I am going to have to get Bold Butterfly. I don’t know why, but I have a “thing” for butterflies. I’m surprised I haven’t already gotten this set.

  32. Chris Hauck Said:

    I think if I have to pick just one, it would be What a Hoot! I haven’t decided yet if I’ll get it, but I do love it.

  33. Ilene B. Said:

    Happy Hearts was one I kept wanting to get and didn’t. Still not sure, just became a demo so I will have to think on it. But will definitely miss being able to use Roses in Winter!
    Ilene B.

  34. Claudia F. Said:

    Since I just discovered SU stamps I don’t know which one’s they are retiring that I would have wanted, probably all of them!
    Claudia F.

  35. I am sooo sad that Best of Cluck is retiring. I just got it!!

  36. Sharron Said:

    I am sorry to see Petal Prints retire — it’s probably the only one on my “must purchase” before it goes list. I was also very suprised about Roses in Winter.

  37. Lisa Moore Said:

    Great blog.. I found you through Allison (the queen of candy..LOL)

    I’m very sad to see Roses in Winter going and this will be the first set I get with my next instant income.. Next is best of cluck. Never purchased it but I’ve seen some great cards used with it..

    Please come check out my blog and the candy I have up for grabs…


    Lisa πŸ™‚

  38. Jane Said:

    French Script has been on my wish list for a long time, so will order that. Am considering Do the Hula, as it would be a good set for scrapbooking many of our vacation photos.

  39. Regina Davis Said:

    This should be interesting to see what everyone lists here, but I’ve got two…maybe three…must-haves: Best of Cluck, In Full Bloom and Knobbly Gnomes. Now I’m off to call my demonstrator to book a party!

  40. DeborahSue Said:

    I’m surprised about Roses in Winter leaving; but I’ll have to get SONG BIRDS before it’s gone…just a bird lover at heart!

  41. Gina Wrona Said:

    Best of Cluck, you know that chicken set, which my deomonstrator, Dawn Griffith, uses all the time and makes me want it more and more, kwim?

  42. Bobbi Said:

    i am going to miss roses in winter the most i think. The new wild rose just doesn’t do it for me and it is way to expensive in my opinion.

  43. Stephanie Said:

    The one I am going to have to have is Favorite Teddy Bear. It has been on my wish list for a little while now!

  44. I am tied between french script and roses in winter….

  45. Melissa Roth Said:

    Well I’ve been wanting Best of Cluck so now I have the perfect excuse to buy it. Mel

  46. laura j Said:

    French script is the set I will miss the most! It’s my favorite background stamp. Thanks for sharing the blog candy.

  47. Carol L. Ries Said:

    Oh Boy…. I guess I’d really have to say Petal Prints and Roses in Winter. I’m a very short time stamper but lovin it sooooo much! Good luck with your adoption, my nephew and his wife are the new parents of a beautiful baby boy, born September 14, 2005 and given to his new Mom & Dad on his Dad’s birthday December 9, 2006. What a joyous Christmas it was this year!!!
    God Bless! Carol L. Ries

  48. Amber H. (bambi64 on SCS) Said:

    It would have to be No Place Gnome! Guess I am ordering it soon!

  49. Jenn Said:

    Balmy Breezes is on my list to get, as I live in FL. I am currently borrowing it, and I think my friend wants it back! πŸ™‚

  50. Tanis Said:

    I can’t think of one specifically that I might miss the most….but I am thinking, with all the fabulous sets that are leaving, there are going to be some fabulous surprises to replace them! Can’t wait to see the new catalogue!

  51. Teryl Said:

    I’m so “SAD” Petal Prints is going away for good. That’s got to be one of the most versatile sets ever made. Here’s hoping everyone got it, who wanted it.

  52. Alison Said:

    My must-have retiring set is Mixed Bouquet. I’ve been in love with it since it came out and just never got around to buying it (along with its matching wheel, which is NOT retiring, go figure!).

  53. Pat S. Said:

    Thankfully, my must-have set is not retiring, but is on the dormant list…Bodacious Bouquet.

  54. Jackie W. Said:

    Petal Prints! That’s my favorite set and I use it most of the time when I stamp my invites to workshops. I’ll be so sad to see it go.

  55. Kim K Said:

    Cool Beans to Blog Candy Shannon. I hope it’s a home made treat from you and I am the lucky winner :}
    I have to buy Supersize Symbols before it retires.. for lunch tins and scrapbooking my kids.. you better get it too Mama2 B if you don’t have it already. Hugs K

  56. Kim K Said:

    Cool Beans to Blog Candy Shannon. I hope it’s a home made treat from you and I am the lucky winner :}
    I have to buy Supersize Symbols before it retires.. for lunch tins and scrapbooking my kids.. you better get it too Mama2 B if you don’t have it already. Hugs K
    won’t let me leave a comment say’s it’s a duplicate wierd!

  57. Beth Ullman Said:

    The one I most want is on Gossemer Wings there are a few others but I have been looking at that one for sometime.

  58. Pat S. Said:

    I can’t believe the All Year Cheer sets are leaving!

  59. Janet Allen Said:

    French Script is the one I was surprised about. I also love Petal Prints. Jan

  60. Beth Matson Said:

    I’m going with Roses in Winter! I’ve always loved that set and will have to break down and buy it now that it’s going away!

    Can’t wait to see what fun new things are coming!

  61. Kellie Said:

    Still gotta get French Script. It’s been on my wish list forever!

  62. Pat S. Said:

    They nearly wiped out the Christmas section.
    I can’t wait to see the new ones coming out!

  63. Mindy Said:

    I am so bummed that they are getting rid of Flower Fest! I was waiting for the list to come out before using my sell-a-bration picks. I am also sad that they are geting rid of all 3 All Year Cheers. What are we going to use for words!

  64. Kimmie Said:

    Definitely Roses in Winter with Flower Filled as a close second!!

  65. Carla Said:

    I was surprised about French Script and Roses in Winter. But I HAVE to go ahead now and get Stampin’ Fun for Everyone. I must have a stamp of someone stamping!

  66. judy bahney Said:

    I have to say petal prints is my favorite. Just love the natural look.

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