spoon handles
I had a little get-together with a couple of my stampin’ buds. The talented Micki (one of my downline) made these gorgeous beaded serving spoons at Christmas and then promised to show us how to make them. Last night, we finally had the chance to learn how to create our own yummy servers.

My first attempt (far right) is for my MIL for Mom’s Day. (The similar one on the left is for my GMIL. Think their both red-hatters?) Neither read my blog, so it’s pretty safe to post here. 😉

green and white spoons

I  was so addicted that, even after the gals left, I stayed up until 3am playing with beads. This is what I came up with. I had a bunch of my own white and clear beads, so the white spoon was the product of me trying to use up my own stash. I wasn’t thinking of this at the time, but Dan mentioned that it would be good to use at a wedding. Hmmm…. (I was just being practical and thinking that white went with everything, silly me.) I wanted to make another one for a friend’s birthday, but I couldn’t decide what colors I wanted to use, so I just started beading randomly. I’ve had a green thing going on lately, so the green one kind of emerged on it’s own.

The spoons are relatively easy to make, especially if you’re comfortable working with wire. (I admit that I am not a bead person, which was evident when I managed to jiggle a bead case open, nearly dropped it, and beads went flying. Part of my early morning hours were spent hunting down seed beads on my basement floor…) But, I can handle wire and a pair of pliers, so I managed okay.

What you’ll need: stainless steel serving utensil (MUST have hole at top of handle), 20-gauge stainless steel (or silver) beading wire (1-2 yards, depending on size of utensil), assorted beads (different sizes and shapes, including small and medium seed beads for filler), beading pliers (needle nose pliers especially), patience.
red hat spoons

To start, wrap the wire around the base of the handle. Leave about 1-2″ of wire on the short end, then twist twice tightly (like a twist tie). Leave the short wire alone for now (we’ll come back to it later). Wrap wire around back of handle tightly (bead only on the front of the handle), then add as many beads as will fit across the front. Wrap wire around back of handle tightly, and repeat until you get to end of handle with hole. There are several finishing options. The easiest is perhaps to do a “figure eight” back and forth through the hole, adding beads when the wire is on the front of the handle. When the handle is full, wrap wire several times through the wire on the back of the handle (sort of like tying a knot). Secure and finish off by using needle nose pliers to create a spiral. Make sure wire is tight and will not unwind. Use needle nose pliers to make a spiral with the extra wire at base of handle.

Rather buy one? I bet Micki would happily make one for you (she’s definitely a beader and probably has great taste in bead selection). Or, I’d make ya’ one too, especially since I’m still selling everything I can for our adoption fundraiser.

Random thought: I might have to rename this blog “craft talk” if I keep deviating from the paper crafting stuff — oh, who am I kidding, the second I get my hands on the new SU! catty, it’ll be ALL stamps ALL the time!



  1. Micki Said:

    Shannon, I love the white one!!! And the top of the green one (with the bead in the center) is very cool! I don’t think that is it possible to make one of these that doesn’t turn out awesome!!! Glad you enjoyed them!

  2. Beth Matson Said:

    Love these spoons! I’m curious about a price?

  3. Cheri Said:

    I used your directions and made these for my friend’s birthday – is it okay to link your photos and instructions on my blog? TFS – Cheri

    • shannon Said:

      You’re welcome to link to photos and any other information, just put something like “linked [or reprinted] with permission of the author. Photos copyright 2007 Shannon Lawrence.” I can’t take credit for the idea, though. The instructions are written by me, and I own the copyright to the photos, but I learned the concept from Micki Hawkins, who, I think, learned how to make them from someone else. You may want to mention that somehow. Have fun CASEing! (Copy and Share Everything).

  4. Vicki Said:


    I teach 2nd grade. We are trying to figure out a Mother’s Day gift for our kiddos to make their moms. Is there any way this is “2nd grader friendly”? Any way to make it less difficult?

    I appreciate any input.
    Vicki S.

  5. Yolande Said:

    I’ve got a question about where I can buy the serving utensils to use for this craft…….any help with this is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

    • shannon Said:

      When I originally made these, I was able to find utensils at the Dollar Tree and Walmart. I’m not sure where to find them now, though some crafting stores do sell higher end blanks. Note that you just have to find them with a hanging hole at the end.

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