Decisions, Decisions

So, I went round and round in circles. I read everyone’s comments. I stared longingly at all of my stamp sets. I even moved the retired sets to their own shelf to “visualize” life without them. It was then that I realized that I have fewer non-retiring sets than retiring or already retired. By a long shot. Sheesh, those “current’ stamp shelves are going to need to be replenished!

While I hate to “lose” so many sets, I’m in a pickle. I haven’t met my quarterly minimum yet. I don’t know if I will before the end of June. And I can’t justify hanging onto “old” sets when we’re trying so hard to fundraise and commit my stamp profits to the adoption. So, I’ve decided that I have to sell (almost) all of my retiring sets. The only stamps I’m letting myself keep are the word stamps. Everything else has to go. Come July, (most of) my retired stamp sets will head to the auction block. In the meantime, however…

Congratulations to my {blog candy} winner, Alison!

Alison’s must-have retired set is Mixed Bouquet. She says, “I’ve been in love with it since it came out and just never got around to buying it.”

This is one of my absolute favorite sets too. I actually did a trade to get this set when it wasn’t available (after the mini ended, before the new IBC came out). It kills me to give it up after working so hard to get it. But I will. So, as a last hurrah to Mixed Bouquet and all of our gorgeous retiring sets, Alison is going to receive a handmade gift crafted from her favorite set. Since I just picked her name last night, I haven’t made her gift yet. So, stay tuned. I’ll post an update with pics just as soon as I can!


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