Itty Bitty Increase

Stampin’ Up! has done a fantastic job of keeping prices low in the face of increased production, postage, and fuel costs. In fact, they haven’t had an across-the-board price increase in 10 years! Instead, Stampin’ Up! has absorbed most cost increases but has also managed to maintain or increase quality, remaining steadfast in producing the highest quality rubber stamps on the market (rather than switching to cheaper products, like acrylic). As a result, customers have been incredibly loyal and we’ve all benefitted from (and maybe have been just a teeny tiny bit spoiled by) these low, constant prices.

So, when Stampin’ Up! recently announced to demonstrators that there would be a small price increase (5% on average) beginning with their new Fall/Winter 07 Collection, I wasn’t surprised. (The biggest increase seems to be on cardstock, which will increase to $5.50 for 8-1/2×11). In fact, I was rather thrilled to learn that Stampin’ Up! is not increasing shipping prices! (An amazing feat given two postal rate increases in the past few years and the fact that Stampin’ Up! keeps its product and shipping costs separate.)

Better still, Stampin’ Up! was kind enough to give us a heads-up so that we could take advantage of the current lower prices before they go away and let our customers do the same thing. So, whether you’re a customer or demonstrator, now is a great time to stock up on paper, ink, refills, and other staples.


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