I’m baaaackkk…

Valentine's Day Teachers Gifts

I was beginning to think that my crafting hobby was a lingering, fuzzy memory from a past life. Then, a few months ago, I finally organized my long-awaited, cozy craft room, but I felt far too overwhelmed by too many supplies. Rubber stamps seemed completely daunting. And it was hard to remember what item was in which drawer. I felt like I was going shopping every time I looked for something.

But, last month, my son’s preschool hosted a grandparents day picnic and asked parents to bring a boxed lunch in a decorated a shoe box. I had several tin lunch boxes in my stash, so I went ahead and did a very basic design with patterned paper and a few embellishments on a couple of purse-style tins. They were too basic to warrant a photo, but Nana and Noni loved them.

With my confidence renewed, I was inspired. I tabbed through magazines, marking cards that I wanted to create. (Cards have a real appeal because they’re small, easy, and offer instant gratification.) But special occasions were flying by, work deadlines were pressing, and I just couldn’t carve out any significant time to wrap my head around a creative project.

I had these fab containers taunting me (from Wall Words, those vinyl removable sayings) and I had to do something with them. I thought I might decorate and fill them with goodies for Joe’s teachers, but Valentine’s Day rolled around and they were still sitting there, untouched. And I showed up at my son’s school Valentine’s party empty-handed. I came home from the party determined to at least make an effort. I found an easy recipe for a quick, homemade white-chocolate-almond-cranberry bark, then did a simple paper wrap and added a few embellishments and a tag. I was able to deliver them back to the teacher before they went home for the long weekend. I think they turned out pretty cute for someone who is baby stepping backwards into her happy hobby.


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