When Valentine’s Day (crafts) go wrong

I say, just go with it…at least I did for my kid’s first Valentine’s card exchange at preschool, even if they are quite horrible.

I thought I had a cute idea using supplies on hand: little jean pockets with a fake stitching into which I inserted a stamped tag that the kiddo colored and signed. And the tag was a kangaroo. Pocket. Kangaroo. Get it? Ugh. I know. They were ok, but they seemed…not enough. Maybe it was because I cheaped out and used my kid’s construction paper instead of cardstock (knowing that they’d be tossed or destroyed immediately). Then I found the cutest little (inexpensive) heart-shaped notebooks and pencils at Target, and decided to add those to the mix. Problem solved, right? Wrong. The notepads were a tad too big and the pencil wouldn’t stay in the pocket. And, worse, I hadn’t used sufficient adhesive and they were falling apart.

So, I had a choice. Toss and redo, maybe something that the kiddo could make himself…or try to fix what was wrong. Sometimes I really hate that I can’t be wasteful. I tried to save the Valentine’s. I sewed them together with the machine, so the stitching is real. I added ribbon (stapled around the pencils). The pencils still slip out, but hopefully most kids will get them. (The notepad does fit partway if inserted sideways.)

After all of that, Joe’s teacher didn’t hand out Joe’s valentines with all of the others. Talk about insult to injury. Thanks to a moment of grace, I didn’t burst into tears and toss them in the trash. In all fairness, it wasn’t her fault and she offered to hand them out tomorrow. Great, nothing like having cruddy work stand out on its own…ugh. Note to self: next time, just keep it cute and simple!



  1. Charlene Said:

    Your Valentine’s are adorable and I think it’s super that you tried to fix them…Shame on Joe’s teacher for handing his out with the others. What’s up with that?

    • shannon Said:

      In all fairness, it was my fault. Long story short, I didn’t want to interrupt a lesson to ask where to put Valentines (there was no obvious spot), so I left them (essentially hidden) in a cloth bag and hung them in Joe’s crowded cubby that he shares with two other kids. I told him — a 3-year old — where they were, but not his teacher. I think the teachers bagged Valentines while the kids were eating at the party and handed them out as kids were leaving, so there really wasn’t any kind of true “exchange.” (I don’t think all the kids brought Valentine’s, and I was grateful that the teachers intervened since so many included candy…)

      And, I had a proud mama moment when Joe wanted to see his Valentines after we got home, asked who signed each one, REMEMBERED which Valentine belonged to which kid, and firmly told me that he was going to thank so-and-so for the Cars pencil and so-and-so for the stickers, and so on…

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