Renewed passion

Sorry that it’s been quite awhile since my last post. Motherhood has been a huge — great, but huge — time suck. But, recently, I have been inspired to carve out some “me” time. Two things happened that got my creative juices flowing.

First, I offered to deliver birthday cards for all staff at my son’s elementary school on behalf of the PTA. The principal’s birthday happened to be one of the first of the year, and I gave her a card assembled from some of the scrapbook elements swaps I hosted eons ago. She was so delighted that I was itching to design original creations.

Then, this past weekend, I got my chance. I had auctioned off a card-making party at heritage camp this past summer and a friend who owns a post-adoption services organization purchased it as an activity for her twice-yearly adoptive mom’s retreat. Quite convenient since I had planned to attend anyhow! I talked her into letting me do something beyond cards, so I made three fun, simple projects that were adaptable to a variety of tastes and crafting abilities. The retreat was this past weekend and my nine fun-loving companions seemed to have a ball with the crafts, despite the fact that I was completely off my game (because I was extraordinarily sleep deprived and admittedly rusty).

Here are the projects we did, with simple instructions. I wish I had taken photos of the ladies’ finished creations, because they were all unique and wonderful!

Joy Fold Card – Click here for instructions

Mini Cork Board – Click here for instructions

Explosion Box – Click here for instructions


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