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notebook necklace

notebook necklaceThis handy dandy notebook (mystery project #3) is convenient to use and super easy to make too!

This is a teeny tiny notebcook (about 2×3) and mine luckily came with the chain, but you could replicate it by using a small notebook (get one with a nice spiral bind) and adding a long chain.

The design is fairly self-explanatory: alter as you would any notebook or 3-D project. I used Dots & Dashes designer series paper, Taken with Teal cardstock, and some pink polka dot ribbon from Michaels. The silver dots on the cover are actually the second page showing through holes. (This notebook cover already had the holes, but yours can still be perfectly spaced and aligned by using the paper piercing template from the Crafter’s Tool Kit!) As usual, I gently sanded the edges for a slightly distressed look.

After the photo was taken, I embellished just a tad bit more. Embellishments to consider: flowers, words, tabs, etc.

Variations: keychain, “purse” notebook, etc.



ClippiesI know, I know. I’m a little behind the curve since everyone has already made these jumbo paper clips. I actually bought the clips a couple of months ago when they were all the rage, but I never got around to making them. These are the second of five projects I’m sending to my friend for her mystery order).

Each clip is a little different (on purpose). For the “d” I used two of the same making memories Jigsaw chipboard letters, traced the shape onto Dots & Dashes paper and cut that out, then DTPed both sides of each letter with Taken with Teal craft ink. I dried the ink with a heat tool, then glued on the Dots & Dashes “d” on the front of one of the letters and sanded for smooth (and slightly distressed) edges. Then I covered the entire front of that “d” in Versamark and clear embossing powder and set with a heat tool. Next, I applied E-6000 adhesive to one end of the clip and sandwiched it between the two letters. Once that was dry, I embellished with primas.

I did notice a color change as a result of the embossing. So, for the flower clip, I followed the same process as the “d” clip, but skipped the embossing. I embellished with a simple cardstock circle and button. I expect that the flower won’t be as sturdy (the chipboard was a little thinner than the mm variety), but it is fresher-looking.

The middle clip with the butterflies was an absolute whim. I wound heavy-gauge wire around the center of a clip, twisted the ends around a round skewer to create a “spring,” then stuck the butterflies (back to back, I used two of each) over the ends of the wire. Easy as pie.

So glad I finally had the chance to jump on this bandwagon. I love clippies!

In a pinch

Well, you may have noticed that I haven’t been posting much lately. That’s mainly because I haven’t been stamping much lately. Life has been absolutely nuts here! My husband and I are in the midst of the adoption paper chase and trying to raise/save money on that front.** I’m still recovering from my broken foot (although it’s much better and I’m walking with two shoes and both feet and no crutches! I just have to be very careful). To top it all off, we’re putting our house on the market — again — and needed to do some major (and I mean major) staging and spring cleaning before tomorrow’s photo shoot. Snoopy Baby Shower Invite

Needless to say, I haven’t had one spare second to stamp. I’m only posting this because it’s 1am, I’m exhausted from cleaning house for the past 6 hours, and the nearest place I could collapse was my computer chair. Not one to ever completely “rest,” I thought I’d post something while taking a break. 😀

I did make time a couple of days ago to finally design baby shower invitations for a friend. She suggested that I buy invitations since I was so busy <gasp!>, but I figured that I could come up with something cute in a pinch that wasn’t too time-intensive. And here it is!

One of the reasons I call myself a paper crafter is because I often come up with projects that require very little effort. The only stamp I used was “You’re Invited” from Tiny Talk. The rest was patterned paper, some punches and scallop scissors, and a great “Dings” font. (My friend’s nursery theme is the Lambs & Ivy Peek-a-Boo Snoopy, so I thought I’d stick with the basic theme for the shower too.) I hope she likes these super simple trifold cards.

So, speaking of baby showers, does anyone have fun game suggestions? I promised her I wouldn’t do anything too dorky and I haven’t ever planned a shower before. But she did give me the go-ahead to plan a couple of games. Also, would it be too weird to have a craft project? I was thinking of bringing stamps and craft pads and letting everyone design/decorate onesies. (I did this for one of my downline at our meeting and it was pretty quick.) But, I’m not sure everyone there is the “crafty” type. Thoughts anyone?

** One of the ways that we’re trying to raise money to help fund our adoption is by selling off some of my stamp and craft supplies. Please check out my Sale page (and tell your friends). As items from the first “batch” sell, I’ll add new goodies, so check back often!

Perfect for the office

Notations NotebookWhile trying to come up with some interesting projects using the new Notations designer paper, I just couldn’t help but come back to the office theme. No matter how creative and original I tried to be, this paper just screams “office!”

Since I had several blank composition books laying around, I decided to take the easy road. I did, however, distress the notebook and I really like the end result. It’s simple, but a little funky too.

These altered composition books are sooo easy to make. To create one on your own, click on the image for full ingredients and directions.

I make these a little differently than most people because, well, because I’m anal and I like my rounded corners to be perfect (with no obvious folds). 😉

So even with a couple of extra steps, these are still a cinch to make. Try one yourself!

You won’t change a thing

write-on-fridge-magnet-notations-black-background-web.jpgStampin’ Up!’s new Notations paper is incredibly versatile — and so pretty, you won’t want to cover it up or add to it at all! But this paper can seem intimidating since some of the designs are not repeat patterns. Instead, Stampin’ Up! has basically designed beautiful 12×12 layouts. So you could just add photos. In theory, at least.

When I examined these papers more closely, I noticed that some pages have fabulous smaller designs all squished together to make up the “layout.” This “daily notes” design was just screaming to live on my fridge as a write-on wipe-off board. (The colors were perfect! See small photo below for a better example of color. Sorry that the colors in the larger photo are washed out…)

But cutting such beautiful designs — on two-sided paper, no less — takes some willpower (at least for me). So, I took a deep breath…and cut. Notations Write-on Fridge MagnetIt was actually pretty liberating and I ended up with several other pieces to play with (so my “clean up” time will be fun too!).

The rest of the project is history. I didn’t do one single thing to alter the paper: no stamping, no distressing, no nothin’! I ran the paper through my Xyron with a laminate/magnet cartridge, trimmed the edges, rounded the corners and slapped that baby on the fridge. Who can beat that for simple?!

Snip, Fold, Staple, Done!

Petals Matchbook - frontOK, OK, I’m off the chocolate kick – for 5 minutes at least. Speaking of 5 minutes, that’s all it took (less maybe) to whip up this little goodie made from one single scrap!

The Petals & Paisleys designer paper in the spring mini has some awesome designs and color combinations. One of my favorites is the page that says “together” because it looks like a pre-assembled scrapbook page — complete with title! And if you flip it over, the opposite side features a Pretty in Pink background with a darling array of multicolored polka dots.

So the other day when I stumbled across a leftover strip of this paper, it occurred to me that the varying width of the stripes might be perfect spacing for score lines on a little matchbook card. Sure enough, they were!Petals Matchbook - inside

The only paper added on this card is the stripe on the front (and, of course, the solid cardstock for “find joy” and the flower). Otherwise, the entire card is one piece of paper. Too cool! Petal Matchbook card - outside full view

I made this card without the inserts or “matches” (one or more small pieces of cardstock) so that you could see the design on the inside too. Hint: I didn’t measure anything…just scored on the edges of each stripe where I thought the folds would work!

A not-so-cheesey way to be green

A not-so-cheesey little boxWhile I’m always tempted to (and often do) buy those groovy tins, boxes, and other goodies at cheapy $1 prices (hello, Target Dollar Spot!), the “greenie” in me realizes that we toss (or hopefully recycle) way too much stuff everyday. So, I’m always looking for ways to reuse and repurpose would-be “trash.”

A not-so-cheesey little box (open)

I always “recycle” boxes with better-than-average thickness by punching shapes out using my Sizzix. I’ve even done that with decent flat plastic containers to create cool clear images. But sometimes really awesome containers are just dying for a quick facelift!

(Remember my altered versions of a Viactiv box and a Glide dental floss tub?)

Today I made this darling round box from an empty Laughing Cow (cheese) box. (And no, it’s not stinky…the cheese is foil-wrapped, which leaves the box in perfect condition.)

Click on the (big) image for ingredients. Note: these photos don’t do this box justice. It is just tooooo cute, if I do say so myself!

You could fill this with any small goodies, candy, round cards, or….guess what? 4″ round coasters are a perfect fit. Cool beans!

What do you think? Got anything headed for the trash that could find new life with a little paper, stamps, and ink??? I dare you to make something and post it for all to see, then be sure to come back here and comment with a link to your masterpiece!

Chocolat Cravings


Well, if I can’t stuff myself full of chocolate every minute of every day, these Au Chocolat papers are the next best thing! Last night, I went downstairs to clean up the mess in my stamp area and decided that rather than putting away the paper scraps from my last couple of Au Chocolat projects, I’d just try to make a few simple cards. The card on the left was inspired by Kristina Werner. The card on the right practically made itself. The layers of cardstock were leftover scraps and I noticed that they were the perfect sizes to layer, so no cutting needed (except for length)! I love it when that happens. Envelope Pocket Card

Then I remembered that I had forgotten <blush> to make a card for my little brother’s birthday on Tuesday, so I whipped up this fun envelope pocket card with another large scrap piece.

Envelope Pocket Card (inside)

I really wanted to maximize the double-sided nature of the paper (it just kills me to hide one side of such gorgeous papers). So, I let the paper’s design be the focal point, inside and out. I did struggle with embellishments for the front of the card. The stripes are so bold that they really do stand on their own. Hint: when working with bold images such as the stripes shown here, minimize embellishments to avoid the “cluttered” look. I also made a point of centering the stripes when cutting. In hindsight, I might consider stamping the sentiment on paper that more resembles a sticky note to keep to the “office” theme. But I’m pretty happy with the results as-is. My little brother is an artist, not a cube dude, and I think he’ll appreciate the design.

trifold-card-web-small.jpgopen-tri-fold-card-web-small.jpgweathered-choc-stripe-web-small.jpgHere are a couple of other cards I made with the rest of the scraps. The two images on the left show the outside and inside of the same vintage card, respectively. Oh, and I never did clean up my stamp room!

Vintage style, modern convenience

gift-card-holder-spring-07023-web.jpgI needed a gift card holder and found this cute and easy design from Paper Crafts thanks to mckeans23 of splitcoaststampers. Of course, I had to use more of these gorgeous Au Chocolat papers, especially since I had scraps from the other day just sitting there.

I made a few design changes (surprise, surprise), namely the ribbon attachment (slot hole punch on the outside flap – easy peasy) and a scalloped edge (small corner rounder without the guard).


The instructions on the website don’t provide all the details, so here’s the basic run-down: cut double-sided paper (or cardstock) to 3-1/2 x 11. Score at 3-1/2 and 7-3/4. Cut/scallop the longer flap (and cut/scallop the shorter side too if you want). Glue the edges only of the shorter flap to the inside of the card. Embellish as desired and voila!

Ingredients as shown: Warm Words stamp set, Au Chocolat designer-series paper, brown textured cardstock (DCWV), and Very Vanilla cardstock; chocolate grosgrain ribbon; Chocolate Chip Classic Stampin’ Pad; sponge; Slot Hole, Daisy, Small Corner Rounder, Large Oval, 1/16 and 1/8 handheld punches; Hodgepodge Hardware (large oval frame and brads); making memories brad.

Having fun with the 5-in-1


I’m not much of a template person, but the versatility of the 5-in-1 Card Cover Template has really changed my opinion! This cute 4×4 card was inspired by Kristina Werner’s circle card. I believe she used a Coluzzle circle template, but I found that the 5-in-1 Card Cover Template was an easier solution for me. Simply cut cardstock to 4×8 and score in half. Adhere design paper to front of cardstock as desired. Line up the 5-in-1 tempate, trace, cut, sand to smooth out those edges, and embellish as desired. These cute cards fit nicely in standard medium-sized envelopes.

Ingredients: Very Vanilla, Chocolate Chip, Blush Blossom, Cameo Coral, and Mellow Moss cardstock; Spring Showers designer paper, Soft Subtles (banana) brads, Thyme Stitched Grosgrain (still available through Stampin’ Up!), Flower punch, Crafter’s Tool Kit, 5-in-1 Card Cover Template, rub-on letter “S”

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